Design Thinking Training

The objective/goal of the training:

The Design Thinking methodology can be a highly effective tool for designing business processes, products, services and strategy. With its help the time and money spent on the project can be significantly reduced, just like the associated risks.
The participants learn the Design Thinking methodology and toolset to be used as the common framework across the team to complete their project.

During the course of the training we work on a real life project, following through each step of the process together. By the end of the training each of the teams will have prepared their
prototype for their project. In case of an application that means a clickable wireframe. For a service or strategy development as well will get to a tangible outcome that can be used for further testing.

Who is this training for?

  • Teams that have an ongoing project and would like to increase their chances of reaching great results, eliminating their fail paths sooner. The training can be easily incorporated into the project framework in its early stage. During the sessions the teams work on their actual project and the skills mastered enable to save even more time during the full length of that, making it very efficient from a time investment and gain perspective.
  • Individuals in operative or decision maker positions in any role connected to
    developing products, services, strategy or organizational design projects. With the adoption of the methodology they can reduce the risks, effort and cost involved.
  • Sales and customer service agents to learn interview techniques that help them to gain and channel valuable information from their partners on how to create or improve their service/product offering.

What is the outcome of the training?

  • A prototype ready for testing implementation by the actual project.
  • The unique perspective gained through the training can be easily implemented in practice and used on new and new products, services, strategy or other projects.
  • With the learned Design Thinking methodology the participants will be able to:
    • conduct a product or service improvement project using Design Thinking approach on their own;
    • respond to complex problems with new products and/or services;
    • create, test and improve prototypes effectively;
    • reduce the risk of new product launches;
    • make more efficient use of their time and budget;

Tailormade training approach:

  1. The training is preceded with a consultation to learn and capture the need and expectation of the customer.
  2. The training sessions (typically 3-5- 8 days) can be arranged in blocks or in recurring occasions every couple weeks. Our trainers will help to select the best schedule based on the objectives and timeline of the customer project.
  3. Training follow-up consultation to help in smooth implementation of the new
    methodology in the organtization.

Representative training packages:

Rapid Design Thinking Training

3 days

Recommended for teams that have had some previous exposure to the methodology.
By the end of the training they will expand and complete their knowledge around the framework and toolset that they can use as common language in their practical
project implementation.
Good choice for already running project. During the consultation session before the training all the available information around the project will be captured and
synthesized so those can be built upon right from the start of the training.

Complete Design Thinking training

5 days

Great for those with little or none previous experience to Design Thinking. The training covers in detail the methodology and toolset, teaching their uses on a real project brought/chosen by the team.

Design Thinking + Business Modelling training

8 days

One of the foundations of Design Thinking is understanding the needs of the users / customers. The product or service development always builds on fulfilling those
actual demands. During this eight days training the participants will learn about the
key factors to be considered from a business perspective to enable solid decision
making on which ideas and projects to pursue that serve the best the given organization.

Executive training

1 day

Recommended for the main decision makers of the organization. The goal of the one day session is getting the participants familiar with the foundations of the Design
Thinking approach and its potential impact on the organization.
During the workshop they will experience the significance and efficiency of this
methodology so they can measure it against others. On the session they will explore
on which areas within their organization could the methodology be put in use with the highest impact; what kind of outcomes they could expect and how can this approach be effectively introduced into their organization.

For a tailor made offer please reach out to our colleague Lilla Sebestyén.


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